Collection: MINI PICNIC

Minipicnic is a small textile design brand.
It makes us happy to create objects that accompany you in your day to day, make you happy and are part of your home.

Stripes, squares, basic shapes and organic lines are part of the Minipicnic identity. We are inspired by nature, art, everyday life and tradition, with one eye on the past and one on the future. We design our own patterns that we apply on fabric in a completely handmade way.

We believe in the future, in products designed, cared for and simmered to last for many years by your side.
Whenever it is in our hands, we try to respect the environment and the people involved in the production processes. That is why we print with non-toxic water-based inks on natural fiber fabrics, we trust nearby suppliers and, above all, we are constantly searching for a more sustainable way of working.