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Large Mustard Basket

Large Mustard Basket

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Cotton and cork basket. It serves as a flowerpot, for bathroom things, to serve bread, to store nuts ...
Its rustic and Nordic style at the same time, fits into any space, providing a natural touch.
Its height can be adjusted simply by folding the top.
The outer fabric has been stamped entirely by hand with non-toxic water-based inks, drawing by hand line by line with a brush. The result is a drawing rich in textures and nuances that make each piece unique.
If it is used as a pot, place the potted plant and a plate underneath so that when watering the water it does not come into direct contact with the tissue.
For pots of 17-21 cm Ø

Care: Hand wash with cold water. Do not iron. If the cork fabric is stained, rub it with a damp cloth. Do not use outdoors as the sun can discolor the fabrics.


for pots of 17-21 cm Ø

Net weight



Cotton 65%
cork 25%
polyester 10%

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