Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty

Once Upon A Time Moulin Roty

Imagine, its 1972, and a group of 20 or so friends are searching for a common project that will provide both work and a certain way of life. The group decides to purchase an old mill that has fallen into ruins. They renovate the mill bit by bit so that their families can move in and live there together as a commune. The adventure begins with screen printing and craft items (lamps, jewellery, decorative items . . . )

The Soft Car - 1975

One of the products that changed the course of Moulin Roty. They proved highly successful and they went on to launch an entire collection derived from this small car.

Becomes a Cooperative - 1980

To ensure the development and durability of the company, the founding members adopted the status of a cooperative. And still to do this it allows the conservation of the brand values: solidarity, sharing and respect.

Tradition: Yesterday's Toys For Today's Children - 1996

A new concept in 1996, toys inspired by the past that are updated to today's tastes. A range aimed at teaching toddlers and children the toys and games of the past and for parents or grandparents to re-connect with objects that were once part of their childhood.

Creating With Enthusiasm and Passion.

Each new collection begins with a story, a universe, an adventure. This “once upon a time” that pushes our illustrators, designers and seamstresses to work the shapes, materials and volumes, to draw, assemble and stitch our future heroes. Always bearing in mind the constraints imposed by quality and standards, but above all the children’s pleasure and delight, they bring to life the ranges and characters so dear to our hearts. And what everyone secretly hopes as well, is that they will be passed down from one generation to the next…

Today - 2020

Moulin Roty celebrates 40 years of dreams and softness. They thank customers, parents and grandparents, who place their trust in the brand and to the children who delight us with their gentleness and enthusiasm and to all the toys and characters without whom they acknowledge none of this would have been possible!

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